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Plants and animals affect the environment, geography, geology and impact nutrition.The Trom tree with the scientific name sterculia foetida tree is planted in the Central South region of Vietnam including: Ninh Thuận, Bình Thuận province. The biggest value of the Trom tree is Trom latex, a raw material for industrial, food and beverage processing. Duong Thao Co., Ltd in Ninh Thuan Province has for many years produced pure latex products which have been preferred and consumed both domestically and in foreign countries.
Trom forest Duong Thao Company Limited.
                                    Pretty pretty the flower Trom
Trom fruit
                     When Trom tree properly exploited tapping.
                          Natural Trom latex is not processing yet
* Components and features work:
Trom latex or resinous Trom is removed from the secretions of the trunk of Trom tree. According to Oriental medicine, latex Trom is sweet, cool micro, with a high mineral content including: magnesium, potassium, zinc, calcium, sodium, iron, glucose and fiber. The nutritional role of these substances has been studied by medical professionals who have determined that they are essential for survival of the body. The magnesium content in Trom latex is very high. It has applied to regulate various functions in energy metabolism, such as metabolism of proteins, fats, sugars; there is an advantage to participate the glucose decomposition, fatty acid and amino acid in the metabolism.
The mineral magnesium also helps with the synthesis of lipids and proteins that help the process of bone and other tissues, ensuring sustainability of nerve conduction and muscle contraction, about 50-75% of body magnesium concentrates in bone (magnesium combined with calcium and phosphorus) in the forming bones process, making bones stronger especially children and the elderly. Magnesium is also involved in the process of bone formation and peak bone mass growing up fast so calcium, magnesium is the material which helps the bone-building process better, and is necessary for puberty. We know that, particularly with respect to women age 35 or older female hormones are reduced and bone mass is gradually reduced because the process of osteoclasts is stronger than the process of creating bones.  Magnesium helps slow down the process of osteoclasts, thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Another un-expected effect of magnesium is that; women who have enough magnesium are less likely to get breast cancer, inflammatory diseases, and weather allergy. Magnesium also provides a "key" to help us get beautiful skin. Magnesium protects the concentration of vitamin E in the skin which traps and destroys free radicals cells.
       In addition, magnesium is an important component in the functioning of the heart and helps to prevent heart disease. Magnesium also works to help regulate the amount of sugar in blood prevents diabetes (can avoid the risk of type 2 diabetes), and stabilize blood pressure (hypertension prevention). Magnesium also helps to improve bowel regularity and high doses of magnesium have been used to treat headaches. Finally, a magnesium-rich diet may reduce the risk of colon cancer.
       Thus magnesium is essential for cardiovascular function, as well as for bone, muscle and nerve activity and thus an important mineral to have in our diet.
Calcium is very essential for the body to help the regeneration of bones, teeth, calcium and for conductivity of neurotransmitters. We need calcium to strengthen the bones of young children, particularly at the height of puberty development, and for the prevention of osteoporosis in older people. Calcium also works to reduce the amount of triglycerides (one type of fat) in the blood.
Potassium as well as sodium tri stimulate metabolism and balance the water retention. If there is a lack of Potassium in the body, the skin may be too dry, resulting folds between the nose and lips, and wrinkle.
Iron is an important nutrient in the body, maintaining the health of the body and regulating the growth of cells in the body, particularly the brain cells. Iron deficiency usually increases over time and is generally related to poor diet. In some cases, iron deficiency leads to anemia. If there is an iron deficiency transport of oxygen to the body tissues, as well as skeletal muscle tissue oxygen reserves, will decline, making the body work less effectively and causing fatigue, poor concentration, poor memory, and forgetfulness. Therefore, the addition of iron is essential to prevent iron-deficiency anemia and other diseases related to iron deficiency.
Zinc affects the standard rate of sebum, helps healing faster and fights off the attack of free radicals of some toxins. Zinc may be used to treat oily skin types and acne. Zinc deficiency may lead to dry skin, and nail causing, nails to break easily. Zinc is necessary for puberty and zinc helps maintain sexual health in adults. Moreover, zinc deficiency is also indicated in cases of children suffering from malnutrition stunting, mental retardation, malabsorption syndrome, anorexia, and defects in polarized tissues such as the skin and, the immune system intestinal mucus.
Fiber which has two advantages:
First, fiber helps people avoid atherosclerosis. Soluble fiber often is pectin; lipin plays a huge role when it expands. When it absorbs water it stretches intestinal absorption. Thus it reduces the amount of fat absorbed collection makes blood coleinon become stability. On the other hand it absorbs water cacbonnirat when we eat, the balance of blood sugar levels do not change. The effect of soluble fiber causes people to avoid atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis coronary arteries lead to injury, coronary embolism, myocardial infarction, cerebral embolism, or narrowing of the lumen and cause high blood pressure phenomenon. On the other hand, Trom latex exists cellulose fiber so its effect is wrapped colon cleansing avoids constipation when it distended bowel to stimulate contractions resolve constipation to clean bowel to prevent infection.
Second, it can deal with constipation. The elderly who has a physical inactivity, gut stasis stagnant, insert distribution causes constipation is easy to cause malignant diseases such as: colon cancer, rectal cancer. If we solve the constipation, it will decrease a lot, and reduce cardiovascular risk. That's two largest effects of fiber.
 * The use of latex Trom:
Nutrient composition of 100g latex Trom include: potassium (297.01 mg), Caxi (101.06 mg), glucose (64.06 mg), magnesium (43.01 mg), sodium (5.27 mg), Iron (0,91mg), Zinc (0.29 mg) and it contains a high content of water-soluble fiber.
Uses: Trom latex contains small amounts of components that are indispensable for the human body. According to nutrition experts, the latex Trom thermal bar effects the liver including liver detoxification, reduction of fat in the liver, support for treatment of liver diseases, pimples. Medical, latex Trom has strong water absorption properties and is considered a laxative to treat gastrointestinal disease effectively, especially constipation and dysentery. Trom latex also has the ability to improve cholesterol, increase satiety and regulate blood sugar levels in people who are overweight, as well as regulating blood sugar in diabetics, helps anti-atherosclerosis pulse, blood pressure stability, support prevention of ischemic heart disease, varicose veins and deep vein embolization.
Also latex Trom helps clear body heat, heat, fever, asthma… Trom latex is extremely effective in the standard work norms rate of sebum, helps heal wounds and healing fast, and is used to treat oily skin and acne. Antioxidants help protect cells escape the attack of free radicals of a number of toxins, slow the aging process, helping to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, skin, fold bright skin, strong and smooth.
The use of latex Trom
 *Dosage and the use:
- For children: 2 years or more can use Trom latex. Children should use latex Trom packed with sugar. When they used, latex Trom is diluted with boiled water or mineral water (150-200ml) 1 packet Trom latex (15g). After 15 minutes until Trom latex opens it out all so it is used. It is divided into several doses per day.   
- For teens and adults, the use of Trom latex products package (15g) canned with sugar. It is also diluted with cooked boiled water or mineral water (100-150ml) with one Trom latex pack. After 10 minutes it can be used or we can put it in the refrigerator beverage to drink daily cooler. Teens and adults can use 1-2 packets per day.
- For older adults who get hypertension and diabetes only use products of pure latex Trom closed bottle (60g) no sugar. It is diluted with cooked boiled water or mineral water (300-350ml) with ¼ teaspoon Latex Trom. After 60 minutes it opens out all then it can be used. It is divided into several doses per day, can be used daily. (But the best way for diabetics is used a glass of latex Trom phase pure after exercise or before eating in the morning. This way is very effective to stabilize blood sugar).
Recipes glasses latex Trom, glass sweet soup mixed with Latex Trom.
*Trom latex is non-toxic, but when used note some of the following characteristics:
- For children it should be noted: according to oriental medicine Trom latex is cold, cool when used with dosage. Taking too much Trom latex may cause diarrhea. At the same time latex with swelling, wasting water, use only the type of products processed and the type of package (15g). Because Trom latex has quality of opening do not use pure raw product. Pure Trom latex raw may lead to intestinal obstruction for children.
- For older adults with hypertension and diabetes only use products of pure latex Trom closed bottle 60g (without sugar). Packaged product contains sugar and when used it will increase the blood sugar.
- Do not use latex Trom in the following cases:
+ Pregnant women: there are no adequate studies on the use of Trom latex for pregnant women.
 + Women who are breastfeeding: Trom latex can be secreted in breast milk, which may cause diarrhea in children.
 + People with intestinal tumors: Trom latex easily expands and eagers water so when using it may cause intestinal obstruction.
+ Medical treatment: Trom latex with high viscosity may increase the absorption certain drugs in the blood if taken with some medications. To prevent this drug interaction, drink Trom latex at least one hour after taking other medicine.
Currently on the market, Trom latex products are sold a lot, but it is important to look for Trom latex products with clear branding, labels and specific instructions on how to use. Duong Thao Trom latex processed and produced from natural latex Trom has been validated through test results at the center of quality measurement III Ho Chi Minh.
Natural Trom latex, jar 60g (no sugar)

 * Natural Trom latex, box of 40 sachets x 15g (sugar)
                                                                            Dr. HỒ THỊ KIM
      Specialist consults benefits of latex Trom directly - Health
                          Hotline: 0913708932 – 068 – 3512696
                        E– Mail : bskim@mutromphanrang.com.vn


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